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Welcome back!… reloaded sites are missing images

Hello everyone. Thanks for your patience while I rebuilt my blogs from individual posts. Took most of a day, but the text is back in place.Now I have to gather up the images, and re-install them in their posts, and finally try to indicate when the posts were originally written. (Some go back almost two […]

16-bit vs 8-bit files for fine art printing

16-bit or 8-bit images for printing? I make fine-art prints from digital files. My basic information sheet notes that the best prints are created from 16-bit images, like TIFFs, and a wide color-space, such as AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB. One person who got my information sheet was kind enough to write back, and explained to me […]

iPhone 14: ProRaw and 48MP images vs Lightroom

Some folks think that because when a 48 MP DNG is loaded into Lightroom, and it’s all extremely dark, that’s because it’s underexposed. Nope. The image is dark because raw images are 1.0 gamma aka “linear gamma”. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with the DNG; it’s supposed to look like that. Here’s how to […]

ProCamera vs 48MB ProRaw on iPhone 14

At least in my own experience, the online instructions for ProCamera to enable and shoot 48MB ProRaw images are incorrect. Here is what finally worked for me: In the settings:Max capture quality MUST be either natural or highM&SI quality  mode MUST be either highly detailed or natural – Quality setting cannot be either of the unprocessed options […]

How to reset your internet connection

Hard to say how many people this will apply to, but it’s 100% for me. I have cable internet from Xfinity (aka Comcast). Mine is a two-piece setup: a modem and a wifi/router.I have my own Bitsurfr DOCIS 3.1 modem and an Archer AX90 (TP-Link 6600) wifi 6 router. To reset my system properly AND […]

M1 problems : part two, with the solution.

Those of you who know me, know that I’ve spent the last 44 years working with Apple products. I was the first third-party developer they ever hired, back in 1978, when one loaded programs from a cassette tape recorder. It has been a long journey, if not a bit strange, but here I am. I […]

M1 Mac external drive write is WAY TOO SLOW

So, you’ve got a new M1 Mac, and a nice fast NMVe in an external Thunderbolt 4 enclosure, and you’re only getting 640MB/s write speed? WAAAAAY TOOOO SLOOOOOW!!! That was the issue that just took me three days and $220 to resolve. (Turns out I didn’t need to spend the $220, either…) The issue: I […]

Don’t use black backgrounds for editing photos

While dark environments, such as Apple’s Mojave, or the default settings for Photoshop & Pixelmator Pro, may look fashionable, they are terrible for editing photos. Why? Because they screw up your ability to see tones properly. Using a dark background will trick your mind into producing a print that has clogged up shadows, and is […]

Website copyrights – the actual truth

At the start of each year, a vast amount of misinformation starts rolling about the “font of all wisdom” (aka “internet”) about copyrights. In particular, lots of folks change the copyright date on their websites. Actually, that’s not-a-thing, and is just security theater. Specifically, the US Copyright office does not accept website copyrights, (although some […]

8K video changes still photography forever

I’m said this before, but I think it’s worth repeating as 8K video is on the verge of ubiquity: it will change still photography and traditional photography skills forever. An 8K video image is 7680 by 4320. That’s a 33 megapixel image. It completely does away with the skill needed to press the shutter button […]

copyrights for one and all!

Right up front: if you have a copyright issue, get a lawyer. You may think copyright is simple, but you’re wrong. If it were simple, there would not be a lot of very rich copyright lawyers, eh? As a creator, you automatically have a copyright once your expression is in tangible form. That won’t do […]

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