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Welcome back!… reloaded sites are missing images

Hello everyone. Thanks for your patience while I rebuilt my blogs from individual posts. Took most of a day, but the text is back in place.Now I have to gather up the images, and re-install them in their posts, and finally try to indicate when the posts were originally written. (Some go back almost two […]

Images in show at Triton Museum

The Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA, will be featuring four of my images in their exhibition “Selections From Our Permanent Collection: Photographs” which runs from August 17th until October 27th.

Don’t use black backgrounds for editing photos

While dark environments, such as Apple’s Mojave, or the default settings for Photoshop & Pixelmator Pro, may look fashionable, they are terrible for editing photos. Why? Because they screw up your ability to see tones properly. Using a dark background will trick your mind into producing a print that has clogged up shadows, and is […]

On copyright (US)

on copyright. First: INAL (I’m not a laywer.)I have, however,  read and closely followed copyright for a decade or more. Here are some quick, general points: “Prior to what year are works in the public domain?”1926. (It’s 2021 now, and with extensions, copyright attaches for 95 years.) In general, for works created on or after […]

Solo show at the Triton

“Contiguous: Line of Sight” is my  solo show at The Triton Museum of Art, in Santa Clara, California. It runs from Feb 10 to May 13, 2018. You are cordially invited to drop by at any time.

MPC Art Gallery show

The Monterey Peninsula Art Gallery exhibition (myself and my wife) actually started on October 3rd, but  the opening was on the 13th. I’m just back, and a friend took this picture of my wife’s presentation. Thought I share it.  

Fast, excellent raw file viewer

  Need a fast and accurate camera raw file viewer? This one, cleverly named “FastRawViewer” is well worth a look, not to mention the extremely modest fee: Scroll to the bottom of the page for some reviews by names you’ll likely recognize. The same folks wrote RawDigger, so they know whereof the speak… (so […]

DPI, PPI, pixels and size or why 2000 x 3000 @ 72 DPI makes no sense

It’s surprising how often I see a call-out, a request, for a digital image intended for use on a website like “2000 x 3000 @ 72 dpi”. That’s actually nonsense. But first, here’s how dots per inch (dpi) works with images:     Lets say you have a line made up of exactly 100 dots. […]

Monitor checking / test

Here: is a great Photoshop file, with several layers, each of which you can view on your monitor as an aid in determining how well your monitor is calibrated and profiled. Highly recommended. Free, but requires an email sign-up. I joined them several years ago, and get an email once every blue moon. (Oh, […]

Yeah, but is it Art (transcript)

Well, a journey that began a year ago has finally arrived at its destination, and I have at last posted the text (as a PDF) of my talk at the Center for Photographic Art in January of this year. The zipped file is here: the unzipped pdf is here: Fair warning: this is […]

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