10.6.3 does not solve the gray-borders issue. (2010)

Unfortunately, updating to 10.6.3 did not correct the problem with V4 ICC profiles for me…. Version 4 ICC profiles still print with a gray border around the image. My solution, as with others, has been to remake my profiles as Version 2.

Wish there was better news…


Edit April 1,2010:

Today (4 months later) Apple replied to my bug filing, and admitted it’s a bug in their code. The bug tracking number is Bug ID# 7515184.

Edit May 1, 2010:

And Photoshop CS5 doesn’t fix it either, but now at least the preview in the print dialog shows it.

Edit May 3, 2010:

And Apple’s new Epson Printer drives released today don’t fix it either. At this point, it’s been a known bug for almost 5 months, and no one seems to care.