Thank you for your interest. Here is the information about my prints and pricing.

I currently have over 50 prints in public collections, foundations and museums, including the permanent photography collections of: The Triton Art Museum; The Crocker Museum of Art; The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and The Montage Health Foundation.

Currently, my editions are limited to runs of 5 large, 10 medium-size and 50 smaller images.

While sizes will vary a bit, most of the smaller ones have an actual area of about 11"x 16" which I find correct for an 18" x 24" frame. These are runs of 50 prints, starting at $600 *.

In the medium size, about 16" x 24" with a frame size of 24" x 36", in runs of 5 each, start at $1600 * each.

The large size, in an edition of 5 (approximately 4 feet by 6 feet ) starting at $3500 *.

You may contact me directly by email if you've seen something you'd like to purchase, or want to find the current edition number.

Prints prior to October 2014, in runs of 20, are still available in limited quantities.


* As the earlier numbers of the edition are sold, the later numbers command a higher price than the listed starting price. Prices are exclusive of shipping and taxes.