Bespoke printing... a collaboration between two artists - the photographer and the printer.

Why have me do your prints? Experience: the prints I make are in private and corporate collections. They are held the permanent collections of museums where they have been featured in various shows. Prints made for clients have sold for over $1000. I have taught photography at the graduate school level. Finally, I have been printing digitally for 20 years and making images for over 65 years.

Using this lifetime of practical experience, I have turned to doing bespoke printing for other photographers. Working together, we can create the physical image you intended, by collaborating in editing the digital file to produce the best possible print.

In short, you are not as much paying for a print, as paying for experience.

"Tracy Valleau is one of the best printers I’ve encountered, and that’s saying something. He’s an artisan and his prints are technicality fantastic, superior to most I’ve seen."

-Ann Jastrab, executive director, Center for Photographic Art

More information can be found in this downloadable PDF:

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